Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jeff Plunkett ’85 on writing and connection

Jeff Plunkett ‘85
Actor and Entrepreneur
New York City 

I write because people fascinate me as much as they infuriate me.  And I need to give voice to that.  Because deep down, everybody just wants to be loved, of course, and there is too little love on the streets today.  There is far more fear.  Fearful people react disproportionately to their surroundings.  While there is inherent comedy in these situations, there is something touching, too.  You see, I see myself in the people I write about.  And when I write down their little foibles or outrageous conflagrations, I connect with their fear.  I understand their need for love.  I infiltrate.  It is unbearable at times.  But when others write back to me that they understand the tableaux I’ve described, they make me feel less alone and less afraid.  That they read me is the better part of the equation. 

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