Monday, February 16, 2015

Fatima Arabzada on writing to focus her ideas

Fatima Arabzada ’16, Economics and International Relations Major
I am Fatima Arabzada, currently a junior from Afghanistan. Knowing Bucknell has a strong Writing Center was a great relief for me, and I even complimented Bucknell in my admissions application essay for having a good Writing Center structure and program. This is because English is not even my second language, and it is a language I taught to myself after a 6-month English course. I used the Writing Center extensively when I was taking poetry, which was the most random class, considering Economics and International Relations are my majors.

Writing helps me clear my mind. When I am to start a paper that I have no idea about or have lots of different ideas, I write them down. This helps me map my thought. It works like magic: more and more ideas come to me just by looking at the ideas I have written down or focusing on a blank page.

Writing also helps me formulate my thoughts. Even in class when I am not able to formulate my thoughts, I write them, organize them quickly, and my thoughts come out clear to me. This is because I no longer have 1001 ideas floating around, and I can organize them.

What I loved about Writing Center is that they ask me to read my writing out loud. After the first two times I went to Writing Center for help, I kept reading out loud and imagining myself in front of a large audience!